It’s my Blog’s Birthday!

I apologize for not blogging on Monday as promised.  But hey, I saved up a special post for you for today to mark my blog’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Did you read my first post?  Probably not because I only had 24 readers then.  Yeah, it’s embarrassing but I had no idea what I was doing.  Werkitinnyc has come a long way in 12 months.

My grad school program had a number of professors who would continuously highlight the importance of “reflective practice.”  I’m an ass hole so I always thought this was silly Kumbaya shizz and made fun of them.  But in the spirit of closing out a calendar year and starting a new one (and blogging for one whole year!) let’s reflect on my practice, shall we?

hot sundae 1

My Goals in Starting this blog

My goals for this blog were three-fold:  1) To try to fully understand the NYC fitness scene by trying every single studio class available and figuring out what works best for me;  2) To share some useful information to all you crazy fitness fiends and those who are fitness-curious; and 3) To drop some LBs and get hotter.

hot sundae gif

Goal #1 While I didn’t try every single class on the face of the 5 boroughs, I’ve tried a damn-well lot of them.  When I first started this blog, I had more time on my hands and was blogging every single day.  I felt like goddam Goldilocks running all over the city in spandex and still feeling hungry for more because nothing was juuuust right for me.

Since then I’ve become addicted to Refine Method (which I explained at length in last week’s post).

Although one year later I’m less anxious and more lazy to try everything that’s left out there, I still do have a number of classes I’ve been meaning to review.

But I’d say goal #1 was achieved. ish.

hot sundae 2

Goal #2:  My readership has greatly increased since day 1 so thanks to everyone who reads and shares.  Hopefully I can provide you with a useful tid bit here and there in between my blabbering.

I’ve also been completely surprised by who reads my blog.  Sometimes people who don’t werkout OR live in NYC tell me they read.  Others, like my immediate family members and some close friends, do not even know what my blog URL is.  But it’s cool.  I can totally bash them on here and they won’t be the wiser.  Suckers.

I’d say goal # 2 was achieved as well. ish.

Goal #3: I swear to you I am not one of those exercise compulsives (you know who you are!) Yes, I realize I do write a werkout blog as a hobby but I pinky promise I believe in everything in moderation.  If I ever turn into a skinny bitch who has to exercise multiple times per day in order to avoid having a full-on public temper tantrum, please stage an intervention.

However, I am somewhat vain and when I started this blog a year ago I was all, I don’t care about my cardiovascular ability I just want to look good in skinny jeans.  Because if I’m not looking hot, than what am I doing this for, MY HEALTH?

(Um yeah maybe I am.)

I can’t even tell you how much that goal has changed.

Now, it’s not about how much I weigh (although werking out continuously has made me shed a few el-bees), it’s about how I feel.  I know. Vom. I hate when people say that too.   But werking out on the regular has given me more confidence and provides me such an amazing stress release that I have become that person who looks forward to my sweat sesh every day.  And if I happen to graze my naked booty with my bare hand in the shower and get excited when I feel my newly toned glutes, well that is just an added bonus.

lisa turtle

So goal #3 was transformed and achieved.  ish.

Looking Ahead

I really hope to continue reviewing new classes every week and that will be my goal for 2014.  ish.  I toyed with the idea of posting more than once a week with some non-class review topics, but to be honest, I completely freaked out about plopping anything onto the internets about my personal life in the slightest.  Don’t get me wrong, I have ZERO shame (just ask any co-worker about me starting off the karaoke train at PROFESSIONAL WORK EVENTS), but I like my iron curtain that keeps my face out of blog world.  Plus my ramblings that are non-class reviews end up like the snooze-fest that I’m currently typing.  So here are some classes I’d like to try in 2014:

  • As One Effect (A reader emailed me suggesting this and I’m trying to get it on the schedule)
  • Fhitting Room: (The Upper East Side is far away.  But this place looks right up my alley).
  • Swerve (I don’t know what this is but it is on my list).
  • Exhale Cardio (I just need to do this already)
  • Fit Walker at Superstar Gym (um this is power walking on a treadmill.  Hilarity will ensue).
  • Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights (a new barre studio opening in Brooklyn!)
  • Brooklyn Bodyburn (2 people have suggested this to me.  I have no idea what it is.)
  • Punch Fitness (Rate Your Burn raves about this.  It scares me).
  • Fitness Cell Collective
  • Brick NYC (I am willing to give CrossFit another try.  Maaaybe).
  • Pure Power Boot Camp (I think this is one of those scary places where instructors yell at you so it’s low on the list).
  • Warrior Fitness Boot Camp (same as above.  Anything run by military or ex-military reminds me of my military wifey days and makes me quiver.  In a bad way).
  • City Row (an indoor rowing class has finally come to NYC!)
  • Cyc Fitness (new indoor cycling studio)
  • Hot and Bikram yoga (I hate yoga but am willing to try to like it).
  • Aqua Studio (cycling in water?!  cra-to-the-cray! and WHAT WILL I WEAR?!)

Have you tried any of these classes?  Like them?  Dislike them?  Please give me advice in the comments below.  And of course I need all your hot tips on suggestions that I may have left off the to-do list.

Finally on running:

I was so thrilled to complete my first half marathon in 2013 and glad I got to document my hopes, dreams, misery and happiness on the blog.  Looking forward,  I’d love to try for a fast half PR in 2014 but I can’t set any running  goals at the moment.  Depending on what happens with my personal life and body (HINT), I may or may not run a half in the spring or summer of 2014.

So Happy Blog-versary to me.  Thanks for reading.  And as always…

get to werk, bitch!


22 thoughts on “It’s my Blog’s Birthday!

  1. I go to Brooklyn Bodyburn somewhat on the reg (meaning, between once and twice a week). I take classes in the mornings, and I typically start dreading the class by 7pm the night before. I also try to curtail drinking on nights before Bodyburn so I am not the least bit hungover for class. To be clear: I am NOT a non-drinking skinny bitch. I like my wine and my cocktails but there isn’t a single other class that strikes fear into me the way this one does (I do/have done Exceed, Fhitting Room, Barry’s, Uplift, etc). You see, there is no escape once you are on that machine (other than getting off and standing there) and you can’t really cheat or easily stop and it hurrrrrrts. Summary: the class is INTENSE. I am almost always sore the day after and the soreness lasts, on average, 2 days. All that said, I love love love it. I have been going almost since it opened, and can say emphatically that no other workout that I have ever done has given me the change in definition and just general long-lean-muscularity that Bodyburn has. It gives real results, for realz, and I say that in full awareness of how infomerical-y it sounds. The instructors are great too. Can’t wait to see your review of it! (p.s. I love your blog!)

    • Sara you totally sold me! I have to try it next. I’m glad you are someone who still likes their cocktails and keeps it real. I was considering doing a post on which classes are easiest to take when on the hungover spectrum but then I was concerned about being judged.

  2. There is so much I love about this post. First, happy blog birthday! I can’t believe I have been reading you for a year now! Next, that Lisa Turtle GIF looks exactly like Refine pulleys that is so funny! I love all the Saved By The Bell images here – brilliant. And I love that Britney picture. And I can’t wait to keep reading, your posts are funny and smart and overall awesome.

  3. Happy 1-year anniversary! I love love love the Fhitting Room! I think if you like Refine you’ll enjoy it. I also kind of loved Warrior Fitness bootcamp when I tried it even though I’m not a fan of the military type workouts. And I’m very intrigued by Brooklyn Bodyburn. I take SLT all the time and so I’m wondering how much more difficult could it be? But I keep hearing stories…

  4. Happy anniversary! Please leave room for a periodic trip to Tracy Anderson studios in your werkout schedule! Your reviews of those always are my favorites! Best of health for 2014!

  5. THANK YOU for using the Saved by the Bell exercise music video montage. My heart just grew three sizes.

    I know you hate yoga, but I used to loveeee this little studio called mang’Oh yoga, on 38th between 1st and 2nd. It’s super clean, friendly, non-intimidating, and just straight up good yoga. Just a suggestion.:)

    Congrats on your blogiversary! Our babies are the same age!

  6. Hi. I am one of those folks who don’t live in NY (although I am from Brooklyn), and I read your blog because I am also obsessed with working out (I am a total vidiot), and I’m addicted to reading about fitness. I want to suggest that you add the ART Method by Terri Walsh to your list of classes to take. I’ve been subscribing online and I love these workouts. They are low-impact, fusion-y, yoga kind of workouts, but they are very good upperbody and core workouts. I lost 2″ off of my waist doing these over the course of several months, and nothing else was making my waistline budge. Terri is kind of kooky in the best possible way, and she’s really created something unique in her workouts. Thanks for the blog. I look forward to reading in 2014!

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  10. Hi !! Where are you? I miss you. I’m sure many others do. I’ve been checking every week but haven’t seen an update since March 11… Please come back!!

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